wePresent Installs: Add a Guest Network

Barco understands that many companies prefer to keep internal and guest traffic separate, but would like some flexibility in what their guests can access.  This short guide is meant to provide an overview of how that is done. Typically, internal users have no restrictions, while Guest users are only allowed internet and no further network […]

Connecting wePresent to a network

1)  Standard Client Mode – Hardwired to the network | No WiFi signal from wePresent – Plug the wePresent into your network using the onboard LAN port. – Your network will assign the wePresent an IP address. – You can also assign a static IP address to the unit from the admin panel. – Users simply […]

HDR: How High is High? How Dynamic Can You Get?

  High dynamic range (HDR) video is quite possibly the best thing to happen to video, ever.  In my humble opinion, better than higher resolution.  There, I said it. Why so?  Because it can push video content to levels of realism and vibrancy far beyond what we are used to seeing.  That said, three things […]