Clickshare 100 and 200 FW Updates and Release Notes! V1.3.4


Upgrade your ClickShare unit with firmware 1.3.4

Barco is continuously working on improving our products and services so we can offer you the best possible ClickShare experience. This is why we regularly release firmware updates: every update brings you new functionalities, resolves any outstanding software bugs and improves the user experience. Reason enough to download the latest firmware 1.3.4 for the CS-100 and CSE-200 model today!






  • The Base Unit web interface uses a self-signed certificate.  browser will not trust this certificate and display a warning.  The certificate can be added to the trust zone setting in your browser.

Known issues

  • When showing movies full screen on Safari, Quicktime player or other Apple applications, the content will not be shared. We advise the use of VLC or Google Chrome
  • Sometimes audio is not shared. Stop sharing and start sharing again fixes the problem.
  • Daylight savings is not supported for some regions.
  • Message “Please open the ClickShare drive and start the application” is not displayed when wallpaper is disabled.
  • Passive HDMI to VGA convertors that consume more power than the HDMI spec allows don’t work. Active convertors are recommended.
  • On certain monitors the Base Unit cannot be put in standby. The Base Unit will wake up by itself. This can be fixed by disabling hot-plug detection in the web interface.
  •  In very rare cases Button pairing does not work. In that case unplug and re-plug Button in the Base Unit.
  • AirPlay cannot stream mp4 videos.
  • When the Base Unit clock is out of sync or not correct the Base Unit will not be able to auto update.
what’s coming up next?

We are already working on the next firmware release. The 1.4 update will be available end of May/early June. This release will bring the long-awaited Extended desktop compatibility on Windows 10.


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