Barco Clickshare Extended Desktop in Windows 10

Extended Desktop is now available in Windows 10 for Clickshare.  Note that there are two ways to enable this feature.  If first doesn’t work, the second will.


Most have success simply installing the latest firmware.

If extended desktop does not work at that point, there is another step:


This step involves installing the extension pack directly onto your computer’s hard drive.  Here are the steps:

  1. Download Extension pack from the Barco website:  Here 
  2. After install is completed a reboot is necessary
  3. Unzip the folder > Move “ClickShare-Extension-Pack” to a location on your hard drive easily accessible
  4. Open file location > Run “ClickShare-Extension-Pack”
  5. Accept agreement > Click nextBarco2
  6. Select the Custom button
  7. Select drop down next to “extended desktop Driver” optionBarco3
  8. From drop down select “Will be installed on local hard drive”
  9. Select “Next”
  10. Ready to install ClickShare Extension Pack > Click “Install”
  11. Installation begins showing status of installation
  12. Upon completion of the setup wizard click finish
  13. After clicking finish a pop up informing you to reboot your machine will appear.  For installation of this service to complete you must reboot your machine.

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