4K: Math, Hype & Reality


The Maths:  It’s called Ultra High Definition or UHD, 4K is horizontal pixels on a rectangular frame.  So multiply vertical 2K pixels and total = approx. 8 million or 8 megapixels (8MP).  Actual native Ultra HD resolution = 3840 x 2160 = 8,294,400 pixels.  So, slightly less than 4K top and slightly more than 2K side = a bit over 8MP total.  Close enough for horseshoes, rock and roll, and marketing.

How will we transmit all that?  VP9 (if you don’t know what it is, try Netflix and Youtube) appears to be in the lead Google GOOG +0.34% .

Where will content come from?  Amazon.com AMZN +0.35% , M-Go and Netflix NFLX -0.47% for starters.  Example:  Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has heavily promoted 4K streaming.

Infrastructure?  Mobile devices using Qualcomm QCOM +1.11%’s Snapdragon 805, will have 4K cams, data pathways, processing, memory, and display.  So, a device can capture 4K, compress it, move it around, process it, and put it on a screen to view on YouTube or Hulu.

End to end 4K is already showing up in movie theaters and video gaming.

Commercial Display? 

Projectors:  Most Barco projectors are now shipping in 4K laser, and Casio has just released the industry’s first low cost, full 4K laser commercial projector, the L8300 – shipping now.  Call your rep if you want to see it.

4K flat panels are slowly becoming the standard.

Sooner than later, 4K will become the display standard worldwide.



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