Barco CS-100, CSE-200: New Windows Extension Pack

Experience simplicity even more with the Windows extension pack for CS-100 and CSE-200 When you have chosen for the ease-of-use and efficiency of ClickShare in your meeting rooms, you want to enjoy the unique user experience for a long period in time. So always make sure to keep your base units up-to-date and upgrade them […]

wePresent Releases Important Firmware Update: WiPG-2000

Last week, the wePresent development team released firmware for the WiPG-2000 model.  If you have not updated the firmware on your WiPG-2000 units, we encourage you to take a moment to update your firmware to the latest version available from this Firmware Downloads page. Not sure which firmware you’re using? Log into the admin control panel and your […]

Projectors: When Does 4K = 4K?

IN A WORLD where laptops have Retina® displays and most new PCs can output a 4K image, 4K resolution in projectors is in constant discussion.  Not surprising that people would like a higher resolution display for digital cinema, large venues, simulation, or want to take advantage of the technology to use a single 4K to replace arrays […]

LED Wall Technology: Your Executive Summary

The First LED Walls: Used discrete (individually packeaged)LEDs, one chip for each colour.  Usually that meant red, green or blue output. Each LED a heat sink and a plastic lens to focus light and to shield the LED. Cree’s 4mm LED. Image:Cree This method resulted in a fairly coarse pitch (and resulting resolution), as there was a limit […]