wePresent Flagship 2100 Released

The new wePresent 2100 flagship model 2100 is shipping now, adding the following features to their line of powerful collaboration products: Chromecast Support Share audio and video content from a Chromebook or Android device, using Google’s native Chromecast protocol. With our new collaboration series, users can connect through Google’s Chromecast protocol to stream audio and […]

Introducing Blackboarding and Annotation on the Barco CSE-800

Make your meetings even more efficient and tap into blackboarding and annotation. Upgrade your CSE-800 base units with the latest firmware and enjoy these exclusive, new CSE-800 features from now on. Firmware release 1.2 for CSE-800 The newly released firmware update for the CSE-800, the 1.2, brings blackboarding and annotation for the first time to your boardrooms. Discuss presented […]

Collaboration: The Digital Divide

Vanson Bourne and Barco conducted global research to investigate the extent to which businesses are future proofing their IT, and to explore whether a digital skills gap persists among the workforce. Conclusion: the study debunks the myth that tech issues are only associated with the Baby Boomer generation (55+), and shows a lack of digital […]

4K: Math, Hype & Reality

  The Maths:  It’s called Ultra High Definition or UHD, 4K is horizontal pixels on a rectangular frame.  So multiply vertical 2K pixels and total = approx. 8 million or 8 megapixels (8MP).  Actual native Ultra HD resolution = 3840 x 2160 = 8,294,400 pixels.  So, slightly less than 4K top and slightly more than […]

Barco Clickshare Extended Desktop in Windows 10

Extended Desktop is now available in Windows 10 for Clickshare.  Note that there are two ways to enable this feature.  If first doesn’t work, the second will. METHOD 1: THE SIMPLE Most have success simply installing the latest firmware. If extended desktop does not work at that point, there is another step: METHOD 2: THE […]

Barco CS-100, CSE-200: New Windows Extension Pack

Experience simplicity even more with the Windows extension pack for CS-100 and CSE-200 When you have chosen for the ease-of-use and efficiency of ClickShare in your meeting rooms, you want to enjoy the unique user experience for a long period in time. So always make sure to keep your base units up-to-date and upgrade them […]